Dr Jones offers a comprehensive breast assessment service for patients with breast cancer, as well as benign breast conditions such as fibroadenomas, nipple discharge, breast infections and breast pain.

Dr Jones would be pleased to see patients who have had mammogram screening and assessment through Breastscreen WA and require further treatment.

Dr Jones remains in close communication with the patient’s GP and sends them a detailed management plan that is also copied to the patient.

Dr Jones regularly attends Australian and International Breast meetings to remain up to date with the latest advances in breast cancer treatment.


The journey of a referred breast cancer patient begins with Dr Jones and everything that can be done, will be done. Nothing is left to chance. Dr Jones works very closely with a team of handpicked specialists to ensure the highest possible standard of care. All patient concerns are considered and addressed during treatment.


With their consent, all breast cancer patients under the care of Dr Jones are discussed at the St John of God Hospital Subiaco Breast Multidisciplinary Team Meeting (MDM). The relevant test results are reviewed by a team of specialists including other breast surgeons, oncologists, radiotherapists, pathologists and radiologists. The meeting is also attended by other professional staff, the breast care nurse, breast physiotherapist, psychologist, clinical geneticist and breast trial staff. These fortnightly MDMs greatly enhance the care of breast cancer patients.

Dr Jones also presents patients with complex and unusual, benign breast conditions to the Breast MDM to obtain further advice and insights to the case.

The St John of God Hospital Subiaco Breast Care Nurse will contact breast cancer patients to offer support and information. They also assist with bra and prosthesis fittings for mastectomy patients. After axillary (armpit) surgery a breast physiotherapist will help with upper limb exercises that will alleviate post op shoulder stiffness. Both will discuss lymphoedema prevention.

Relevant cases will be referred to the Genetic Services of Western Australia (GSWA) at King Edward Memorial Hospital in Subiaco.


Dr Jones operates at St John of God Hospital with experienced anaesthetic and nursing staff. In theatre, state of the art equipment is used including the latest technology for intraoperative imaging of breast specimens and sentinel node identification.

Dr Jones performs breast operations with excellent cosmetic results. She works closely with selected and highly trained plastic surgeons to offer the full range of breast reconstruction procedures, tailored to individual patient needs as required.